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Does your organization depend on volunteers or board members to do your bookkeeping? Do you find it difficult to track membership data, remember renewal dates, or create dues invoices? Are you unfamiliar with special nonprofit requirements or fund accounting?


Quicken Support offers an affordable alternative. Quicken Support can handle your group’s finances in a secure, professional manner. You will enjoy a consistent, continuous level of service even when the organization’s leadership changes. Current clients include nonprofits, regional and national associations, and churches.


We will:


  • Send notices for dues

  • Receive, record and deposit member payments, donations or tithes

  • Pay approved bills

  • Reconcile bank accounts

  • Prepare monthly reports and Financial Statements

  • Handle donations as required for nonprofits

  • Work with your Board of Directors

  • Handle member and donor inquiries

  • Help prepare for your audit and tax return